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In early 2015, an idea was born. What if I could combine 2 of my favorite things: Beer and Choir?

Some of you know me as a composer/conductor, and you may have noticed that there is a unifying through-line that connects all of my work. (No, not beer.) I'm always striving to create work that is accessible to general audiences, yet still artistically well-crafted. How does this relate to Beer Choir?

In so many ways...

On the surface, Beer Choir seems simple enough. "Let's gather with friends, have a few beers, a lot of laughs, and sing together in some organized fashion." But there's more to it than that.

Beer Choir REALLY is...

  • A way to bring choral singing to the public (instead of always asking them to come to concerts).
  • An opportunity for community folk to participate in a choral activity that doesn't require a serious, ongoing commitment.
  • A powerful vehicle for networking in your community.
  • A way to get more people SINGING TOGETHER. The research on the physical and emotional benefits is overwhelming.
  • An "on-ramp" for community folks to engage in other local choral activities.
  • A way of supporting your local economy.
  • If held at a local brewery, a chance to appreciate and reward the artisanship of the brewers who are, in fact, creative artists themselves.

And here's the thing: Beer Choir is just the first iteration of a much larger idea...

The vision is that, together, we might find ways to infuse choral singing into several other "tribes" of people. (Obviously, I'm a CRAFT BEER enthusiast, so launching with Beer Choir was a natural step.)

It would be amazing to see the rise of many other Tribal Choirs, such as COFFEE CHOIR, or YOGA CHOIR, or [INSERT ACTIVITY HERE] CHOIR! Again, this is all in an effort to fulfill what I believe is my primary mission. 

Bring choir to the people!

So, if you'd like to join us, here's your invitation. There is already a growing movement taking shape, and we want to get everyone on board. We currently have several Beer Choir Chapters in cities across the U.S., and more are in the works!  (Looking at you, Dallas-Fort Worth and Wicker Park Chicago.) See our current List of Chapters.

If you want to start your own chapter, please contact us!

If you want to help pioneer one of the other Tribal Choir ideas mentioned, please contact us!

If you want to make a sizable financial contribution, then by all means please contact us!

Also, if you haven't already, please become a part of the community by liking our Facebook Page.

Much more to come, but I'll wrap it up for now. 

Mike Engelhardt